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Antti Kaikkonen


Mr Chairman/Madame Chair,


One of the key priorities of the Europe2020 is sustainable growth – promoting a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive economy. Sustainable growth is not only good for the environment but it also an opportunity for a stronger economy with more green jobs.


Too much dependence, as it now is, on fossil fuels such as oil and inefficient use of raw materials expose Europeans to harmful and costly price changes, thus threatening our economic security. We need an economy which is more based on renewable energy.  The EU has a leading role in the world in the pursuit of worldwide solutions to the problems of climate change. We set an example for the rest of the world by implementing our ambitious climate and energy strategy. And we need to ensure that also other nations are onboard in favour of truly global solutions. In this respect the Cancun climate change summit later this year plays a crucial role.


An important tool for a resource efficient and low-carbon economy is the Commission´s coming flagship initiative on “Recource efficient Europe”. It is of utmost importance that this initiative is fully implemented in the member states. There are a lot of proposals that the Commission is working on but I would like to emphasize two of those proposals, namely the internal energy market and a revised Energy Efficiency Action Plan. The EU needs to complete the internal energy market and promote renewable sources of energy in the single market. On energy efficiency we need to encourage households and SMEs by making use of structural and other funds to leverage new financing for energy efficiency projects.


Mr Chair,


It is important that this Cosac meeting has been discussing EU2020 strategy at this stage and we need to continue this process as EU2020 proceeds. It is in the end up to the member states and national parliamentarians that we succeed in our common cause – creating a more sustainable, greener and smarter European economy.